The Following Sites have received the Red Eye Rated Site of the Month Award for Graphics:

November 1997          Moyra's Web Jewels

December 1997          Darcee's Faerie Garden

January 1998           Max & Francy's Art Gallery

February 1998          Lady Leigh's Fantasy World

March 1998             Carren's Cottage

April 1998             Joe N Bevs Animations Plus

May 1998               Clark's Collection of Fine Antiques and Collectibles

June 1998              Rynzeski's Home Page

July 1998              The International Education Page

August 1998            Franco's Cybertemple

September 1998         Skye's The Limit

October 1998           Twin Dragon Kung Fu & Kickboxing

November 1998          The Official Homepage of Todd Beller

December 1998          Eclipse of the Cross

January 1999           In Depth 3-D Wallpapers

February 1999          Wild Web Graphics

March 1999             Ariel's Studio

April 1999             Microsoft Image Composer Tips and Pictures by Dominique Clement

May 1999               Holly's Bubble

June 1999              D Filipino Connection

July 1999              Jesper's Website

August 1999            Graphiweb

September 1999         Animation Artist Magazine

October 1999           Artwork by Annette T Kiterence

November 1999          Dami's Demesne

December 1999          The StableGirl's Lair

January 2000           Stormi's Touch Web Creations

Februry 2000           Ian's Power Backgrounds

March 2000             FullMoon Graphics

April 2000   

May 2000               treecity 


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